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AC53 single channel multiplexerdual channel multiplexer
 AC53 (Single Channel)AC55 (Dual channel)

The Altek AC53 single channel multiplexer has been superseded by a dual channel model.

The dual channel multiplexor does everything the single channel unit did. However the dual channel unit uses the 9 pin dee connectors favoured by virtually all modern RS232 peripherals.

This page provides support for the original single channel multiplexer and shows how users of the single channel unit can upgrade to use the dual channel unit.

Upgrading from AC53 single to dual channel AC55 multiplexor

Users of the AC53 need to consider the following factors when upgrading their system to use a Dual Channel Multiplexer. (It is assumed the upgrade will be a AC55 Dual Multiplexor which is the closest configuration to the AC53.)

  1. Internal Jumper Links
  2. Internal Switch Position
  3. Gender of DB25 Host Connector
  4. Connector and Pinout for peripheral.

1: Internal Jumper Links

The internal jumper links on the AC55 are configured to exactly emulate the AC53. No changes are neccessary.

2: Internal switch position

When the AC55 leaves the factory the switch is set so data is injected to the pin 3 circuit. This was also the default setting for the AC53. If you needed to change the switch in the AC53 you will also need to change the switch in the AC55. (Notice that the switch positions relative to the power socket have been reversed in the AC55)

3: Host Connector Gender

The Host connector on the Dual Multiplexers is now Male. This makes it easier to remove the multiplexor from the circuit by simply connecting together the Host and Terminal leads. To be compatible with the AC53 you will need to change the gender of the host connector. The simplest way to do this is to fit a commercial gender adapter. These are available at low cost from many sources. If you have difficulty contact Altek for advice.

4: Pinout and connector for peripheral

There are two approaches...

  1. Fit a new connector to the scanner (or other peripheral)
  2. Create a suitable adapter.

For reasons of reliability the first option is the best solution. However option 2 may be considered as an interim solution if you need to interwork with other AC53 units at the same site.

The table below provides the connection information you will need. Although not strictly necessary it is suggested you use a same gender connector (female) as the 25 pin connector. This insures the newly terminated peripheral is compatible with modern PCs- Just as the 25 way connector was compatible with older style PCs.


Adaptor AC53 to AC55

23Data coming from device and entering Mux for onward transmission to Host.
32Unlikely to be needed
57Common data ground
7noneIt may be necessary to link pins 7 and 8 on the 9 pin connector.
8noneSee note above
99Only needed if pin 9 is used on original scanner for DC power
925Only needed if pin 25 is used on original scanner for DC power

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