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KeyWedge is a trademarks of Altek Instruments Ltd

Altek Dual Multiplexor AC55, AC56 & AC57
Dual channel RS232 multiplexers



Altek Dual Channel Multiplexers are designed to provide a KeyWedge system for RS232 based terminals. They provide a simple means of entering data into an applications program running on a terminal based computer system.

Either of the two channels can be used singly or both can be used together. The multiplexers were originally designed to allow a Barcode Scanner and a Magstripe reader to be used with a computer terminal (Dumb RS232 terminal) with no reconfiguration of the existing systems software.

These multiplexers are suitable for widespread general use and allow any other RS232 peripheral to be attached in a similar manner for example weighing scales.

The multiplexers are housed in an industrial strength steel case and are suitable for continuous heavy duty use. The KeyWedge system is intuitive making it easy for a user to understand and operate with no extra training.

Implementation Detail

The multiplexer is inserted into the RS232 data link running between the terminal and the host computer. Data is sent to the computer and appears on the screen in the normal way. Data injected into the data line by the Multiplexer also appears on the screen exactly as the operator expects. All the complex interface issues are hidden. From the operator point of view data has simply been entered into the computer just as if it had been keyed.

The multiplexers are easy to setup and use. For many applications there will be no special configuration although it may be necessary to throw a single switch inside the case to select the appropriate data line. The multiplexers work at all baud rates up to at least 19200 without preselection. The peripheral device should be running at the same baud rate and data format as the existing RS232 link

The Multiplexer can provide power to the RS232 device reducing the total number of cables in the system. It is available in 3 different pinout configurations. If neither of these is quite right for your setup an engineer can reconfigure by means of solder links inside the case (We are happy to advise on this if it becomes necessary).


Power supply unit/Power adaptor

Orders shipped to UK, USA, Europe, Japan and Australia include the PSU to suit the shipping countrys voltage and wall socket. Orders shipped to other territories do not include the mains PSU. It will be necessary to purchase locally. A wall socket type power adapter similar to that detailed below is easily obtainable at low cost at most places throughout the world.

Model selection

All three multiplexers in the range provide the same functionality. The AC55 is the most popular and likely to be the best choice for new applications. The AC56 and AC57 are provided to maintain backward compatibility for existing users. Each configuration is described in detail on the the Setup, Configuration and Engineering page linked above. Email the sales office if you have any concerns.

KeyWedge is a trademarks of Altek Instruments Ltd

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