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ScanPlus 1802 cordless Scanning System


Q: How many scanners can be used with each MicroBar 9735 base station ?

A: The maximum number of cordless 1802 interfacing with a single MicroBar depends on two factors : the symbology used and the frequency of use. In standard conditions,  the maximum number is 5 per MicroBar. Anyway, it can go up to 20" applications where scanning is limited. 

Q: How does the MicroBar 9735 know which ScanPlus 1802 scanner it’s communicating with ?

A: Both scanner and MicroBar have specific identifying numbers.  When the Association bar Code is read, they memorize each other’s identifiers. As they are transmitted with the main data stream, the MicroBar recognizes the ScanPlus 1802 and accepts to transmit the data to the host. 

 Q: Can the scanner be associated to different base stations ?

A: A scanner can not be associated to different base stations at the same time but it can be moved from one MicroBar to an other simply by reading the Association Barcode on the corresponding MicroBar. 

Q: How does the operator know that the information has been correctly decoded by the ScanPlus ?

A: Everytime a barcode is decoded, the ScanPlus 1802 will send a good read beep (80ms long). Otherwise, it will send an error signal (six short beeps). 

Q: How does the operator know that the information has been transmitted to the MicroBar ?

A: The ScanPlus 1802 system communication is bi-directional. It means that the MicroBar  and the scanner(s) can communicate in both ways. The scanPlus 1802 can be configured to send a good read beep only when the information has been successfully received by the MicroBar (called “after transmission acknowledgement”). It is even possible to configure the MicroBar to beep when the data has been successfully transmitted to the host terminal. 

Q: What happens when the ScanPlus 1802 scanner moves out of range of the MicroBar 9735 ?

A: The ScanPlus will simply send an “error beep”.

 Q: Can the range of the ScanPlus 1802 be increased ?

 A: The distance range specs are given for general use in an office type environment. It can increase In open air. 

 Q: How is the system configured ?

A: In fact,  configuration of the MicroBar 9735 and the scanner  are both done  through the ScanPlus 1802. Configuration badges can be printed from EasySet software. The scanner and MicroBar need to be powered on. After reading the Association Bar Code with the scanner, the operator only needs to scan the required configuration badges that will apply either to the MicroBar or the ScanPlus 1802. Data will be automatically sent through to the right device.

Q: Is it possible to plug hard wired devices on the MicroBar 9735 ?

A: If required, Ports 1, 4 and 5 can accept cabled devices.

Port 1 : 1 wand

Port 4 : 1 or 2 wands

Port 5 : any cabled device

Q: What is  the warranty policy ? 

A: It follows the Intermec Warranty policy against manufacturing defaults.

ScanPlus 1802 scanner head : 3 years

MicroBar 9735 : 3 years

Battery pack : 1 year

Battery charger : 1 year 

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