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IT4410 scan maps for conventional barcodes

How to read these scan maps

The scale on the right shows the width of the scanning field for each size of barcode. This establishes the maximum width of barcode which can be scanned. Note the zero point on the scale is on the axis of the scanner.

The scale on the bottom shows the distance range from the scanner when the barcode is in focus. The midpoint of the focal range is the optimum scanning distance from the barcode.

A 'mil' is a dimension equal to 0.001 inch or 0.04 mm. It is the industry standard way to measure the resolution of a barcode. If a barcode is said to be '10mil' it means the narrowest element of the barcode has a width of 10mil (0.4mm). Medium resolution barcodes have a module width of about 6-8 mil while high resolution codes will be 4-6 mil. Codes subject to scuffing and damage such as those on the outside of packaging are often 10-15 mil or larger. The sizes of UPC and EAN barcodes are defined in a different way by the industry in which they are used. A 100% UPC or EAN barcode has an equivalent module width of about 13 mil.


Refering to the top image, the IT4410HD. The map shows that for a linear (conventional) barcode of size 10mil the barcode can be focused (read) in the range 25-76 mm from the scanner with an optimum distance of about 51mm. A the optimum distance the maximum width barcode to be read would be about 50mm (25mm each side of the scanner axis).

Using the same size barcode with the IT4410LR. The barcode can be brought to focus in the range 60-200 mm from the scanner. At the optimum distance of about 130 mm the maximum width of barcode is about 100mm (50mm each side of the axis).


Although both scanners will read 10mil barcodes the IT4410LR gives a wider maximum barcode width and more flexibility with the focal distance. Other considerations being equal the IT4410LR might be the better choice. However you should also consider the ergonomics or working conditions under which the user will be scanning. Closer scanning distances are often easier to control and may be preferred particularly if the person scanning is seated.

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